Relationship 101

Boundaries. Connection. Communication. | taught by Danny Silk

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Over these eight classes, I'm going to teach you how to create connected & life giving relationships by using my favorite relational practices of boundaries, connection and communication!

What I think you'll see very quickly is that, though so many people do, you really don’t have to live with dysfunction in your relationships.

When we learn to implement these relational practices in ways that show value for others and ourselves, our heart-to-heart connections with those we love become healthy, vibrant, and life-giving!

Join me & lets not waste another day in an dysfunctional and unenjoyable relationship!

Danny  Silk
Danny Silk
President of Loving on Purpose

As an author and speaker, Danny Silk offers life-changing books, conferences, and other resources drawn from decades of experience as a counselor, social worker, advocate, pastor, spouse, parent, grandparent, and leader. Danny’s passion centers around helping people build, strengthen, and heal their vital relationships in life.

Reviews (34)

by Tim Weimann

Relationship Track

by Malika King
Great content. I couldn't figure out how to rewind to hear something again. Is there a certificate to print?

Powerful vs Powerless

by lorri sutherland
Powerful lesson and the mindsets that need internalized to adopt being a victor verses a victim.
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by Tim Weimann

Relationship Track

by Malika King
Great content. I couldn't figure out how to rewind to hear something again. Is there a certificate to print?

Powerful vs Powerless

by lorri sutherland
Powerful lesson and the mindsets that need internalized to adopt being a victor verses a victim.

by sherri Garcia
i am finding things popping up all the time now that this course taught me about that I want to review it again.

Life Changer

by Susie Frederickson
I can’t begin to say thank you enough for this course. There were so many Ah ha! Moments I can’t count them. These are tools I will not only be able to implement in my own relationships but help others use as well!!!

Relationship Wisdom!

by Jeremy or Sheri Struthers
Sometimes in life we can't see the rocks we are stumbling over! Thanks for highlighting those stumbling blocks! This course has brought healing and clarity to my relationships and I look forward to gifting this wisdom to my kids! Thank you for bringing health to our legacy!

Thanks Danny, your LOP course is a blessing in so many ways.

by Francois Swanepoel
For me this LOP Relationship course have blessed me in so many ways and was a life changing experience. After a second divorce, I was searching for answers all over again. I got Clarity - What is wrong with me? Where did I go wrong? Am I that bad a husband? Was I missing something important? I received Healing - Despite my positive approach to life and crisis in general, I still was hurting and needed healing of my heart and trust. I am Inspired - I am excited about life and the relationships (all levels / types) I have the privilege to engage in every day. My biggest Thank you to Danny and his team for a course founded in God's truth, well structured, presented with love and passion, offers a wide application. "Everybody needs this like we need to breath", I tell everybody I know, every chance I get.

Life Changing

by Allison Rae
Wow!!!!!! What can I say. This course has taken me on a whole life transition. It’s called the relationship track but I have found it to really change me, never mind the relationships all around me. It has been very hard at times the journey but I would not change it for the world. I felt that God used it as one of his tools to break away self fortified walls I had built my whole life. I have had a catch phase for the last six months of my life and it is that I went through a breakdown to a breakthrough and now He is rebuilding me from the foundation up. What better tools could God provide than what is being taught through this track. I have also managed to get my (non Christian) husband to start watching and I can already see the positive. Thanks again. I personally think this program should be taught to every high school student or young adult so they can start life on the right foot with some awesome life tools already in their tool belt. 😍😍😍😍


by Zachary Leal
Love this course! Doesn't get any better than this! If you want to know how to start building healthy relationships, this is a great start!

Great tools to build relationship

by Tang Jean
I learn so much from this relationship courses like setting boundaries and Yes is a Yes and not Yes is I mean No... so powerful that everyone needs to go thru this before getting into any serious relationship. Love it.

thinking about relationships in a new light

by Manuel Röthlisberger
The concept of believing to be powerful or powerless and the behaviours that manifest from that belief (such as the Triangulation) was new to me and it changed the way I think. It made me more aware of relational dynamics and taught me how to respond to them.


by Tonia Boze
I have been without and even unsure of what boundaries are. This course is invaluable and for me, life changing. I highly recommend it.

by Colleen Leslie

by Jeff Schweiger

Woderfully Ensightful!

by Nathaniel Vinke
I cannot recommend this course enough! I have gone over the material three or four times & each time I catch more! This is applicable to all areas of life. Thank you Danny for sharing & making this available.


by Kim Oda
The importance of choosing love. How critical it is to take a “time out” to lower adrenaline/cortisol rush. To connect vs shame. Almost a foreign language, but I believe many of us are hungry for this new language. Disconnection is hard. Love has got to be easier.


by Neels Loftus
Thank you for teaching us to drive fear out and build strong, deep and loving covenant relationships. This course equips us to create culture and environments where love reigns in our home and in the body of Christ.

Loved the content and production. I event enjoyed the tests!

by Patrick Browne
Loved the content and production... I event enjoyed the tests! My wife and I would sit together and watch the videos and then reflect together. We can't wait for the next track.

by Raquel Livoni

by Lori Clifton
The Relationship Core Track is rich with wisdom and insight for living as a "Relational Rockstar"! :) I feel like the final session hits the nail on the head, "Did I learn to Love?" Ultimately, Love is a person, namely Jesus. Have I learned to keep my love firmly in place as I walk through the relationships in my life? It's a continual process and Danny reminds me of that with wisdom, humor, and compassion. I highly recommend this track to everyone who desires to have healthy and strong relationships that "go the distance". Thank You Danny Silk and Team!

Relationship Track

by Jacqueline Larner
I found the last sections hard because I am a practicing Buddhist. Buddhism is based on the concept that "I am basically good" and all sentient beings are "basically good." It comes from the belief that basically means primordial, that all of us are pure and that karmic events and consequences impact our lives and our universe and present what we perceive to be difficulties to all of us and that we are empowered when we can rise above those difficulties while continuing to love ourselves and all others and continue to engage in loving acts always and above all else. Meditation is the way we proceed. A good instance of this is, The Dalai Lama loves the Chinese even though the Chinese stole his country, raped the land and tortured anyone who continued to practice Buddhism or honor him. He has heard many of these horror stories from men and women, monks and nuns, and so forth. He is sad when he hears them but practices 4 hours each morning and his love grows only stronger for the Chinese and his own followers. He is a man of profound love, great compassion and true understanding of this life. He loves Desmond Tutu who he thinks has continued to love all as well. Two men in their 80s-90s practicing entirely different ways but truly loving all.

Relationship GOLD!

by Christian Zamora
The relationship core track is beautifully thought out and delivered. It will help increase your knowledge, understanding and shift some important paradigms in the area of healthy relationships. If you're struggling in the area of relationships or have very healthy ones, there's something in here for you. I highly recommend this course. KYLO!

by Teresa Rodgers

by Misty Schaffer


by Tom Hund

Love it

by Steven Mulkey
I use this course personally and for the internship program that I run. So good.

Good stuff

by Lynn Schoolmeesters
Really practical. I learned so much about healthy patterns in relationships. Everyone should read this material!!

by Rebekah keith

Very good

by Angela Edmond

Life changing course!

by Kimberly Moxley
The relationship core track is so powerful in its explanation and tools. So many helpful things I never learned growing up that I can now teach my children. Thank you for creating this course. It will change the way you relate to the people that mean the most to you.

Amazing Content!

by Andy Fager
This material has shifted my paradigm when it comes to relationships. The way I view people now is completely different and for the better. The content is amazing and the practical tools are very useful as well. The only thing I had was an issue with was the price for what you actually get. It would be nice to get some extra material maybe in kit of some sort? Or maybe just the book "Keep Your Love On" for some more in depth analysis. Overall this is an awesome tool for people to grow and thrive, which is exactly what I was looking for.


by Suzanne Girardin
Wonderfully set up. Easy to manage in small segments, notes/homework was appropriate and helpful. Simple yet complex (in a good way). Love the way Danny makes the understanding easy.

Life changing information

by Julie Byrnes
I am currently working through the Relationship track again in the new format. I'm not sure when the changes were made, but I am very pleased with the structure of the course. I am also very pleased to see my own progress in implementing the tools and strategies I learned in the first go round. The information given in this course has changed my life and my family's for the better, forever. Thank you!

Good, but could be improved

by Randall Burke
Ok, so I'm going to give a mixed reviews. First the good ... The content is amazing, especially the last couple lessons to tie it all together. It's all lifted from the "Keep Your Love On" book, which has tons of practical tips and advice on how to navigate relational challenges. Herein lies my complaint. The course material is short. On the one hand, a person is getting essentially group therapy sessions at a fraction of the cost, especially if they're willing to talk to family and friends about what they're learning. On the other hand, I don't find it interactive enough. (Maybe that's where phase two will come in?) If someone needed to live on the cheap this course wouldn't be the most economical option (unfortunately) and that would be my criticism. If scholarships were available for those in need to somehow be financed to go thru the course... People who don't have tons of healthy connections or support. That would make this course better. It's a good investment for those who have the money, but even for me coming out of living on social assistance, the course fee seems a bit steep for what is provided. Essentially one can get the book Keep Your Love On for cheaper and with more details. Still, getting personal videos and having the Facebook group I discovered is pretty cool. I would give this course a 6.5/10 ... For all the reasons I mentioned. :) Good but could use some improvement. Ps. Somehow finding a way to offer set amounts in each country's currency would be nice but I realize logistically that might not work. The Canadian price is all weird cuz of the exchange rate fluctuating.