Defining the Relationship

Defining the Relationship

taught by Danny Silk

Course description

Many couples rush into marriage without laying the foundation for a strong relationship where both people can be themselves, be known, and build a life together. In this 10-step eCourse, Danny Silk outlines what it means to define the relationship & helps any pre-married couple build a foundation for a healthy and happy life together!

Danny  Silk
Danny Silk
President of Loving on Purpose

As an author and speaker, Danny Silk offers life-changing books, conferences, and other resources drawn from decades of experience as a counselor, social worker, advocate, pastor, spouse, parent, grandparent, and leader. Danny’s passion centers around helping people build, strengthen, and heal their vital relationships in life.

Course Curriculum

001) Welcome to Defining the Relationship
002) Powerful People, Powerful Decisions
003) Living on Purpose
004) 7 Pillars of Healthy Relationships
005) The Goal of Connection
008) Communication Dance
009) Resolving Conflict
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