The Path from Betrayal to Restoration

The Path from Betrayal to Restoration

Find healing in your most important relationships | taught by Danny Silk

Course description

It is possible to heal from one of the most destructive forces on earth—betrayal. While many people do not recover from this relational disaster, I’ve also seen too many people overcome it through the power of love to give up hope. I know I’m asking a lot when I ask you to trust me, but if you will follow me into this process and learn from people who have successfully negotiated the steps of repentance and reconciliation, you will find yourself in a stronger, more hopeful place than you knew existed.

Don’t waste one more day in the prison of fear created by someone else’s actions. You don’t have to be afraid to love again in an effort to protect yourself from pain. You can walk away from the belief that you’ll never heal from your broken heart. It takes courage and hope to get free. Both of these keys are on display in this material. Please join me on this amazing journey through the Pathway from Betrayal to Restoration.

Danny  Silk
Danny Silk
President of Loving on Purpose

As an author and speaker, Danny Silk offers life-changing books, conferences, and other resources drawn from decades of experience as a counselor, social worker, advocate, pastor, spouse, parent, grandparent, and leader. Danny’s passion centers around helping people build, strengthen, and heal their vital relationships in life.

Course Curriculum

Welcome to The Path from Betrayal to Restoration
001) Choosing Discipline, Not Judgement
002) Adjusting to Rebuild Trust
003) Fighting for Your Legacy
004) How a Culture of Honor Works
005) Finding the Problem, Cleaning up the Mess
006) The Fight for Anja
007) Fourteen Years of Becoming Powerful
008) Repentance, Reconciliation, and Restoration